JCPLL Mission

The mission of the Jefferson County Public Law Library (JCPLL) is to provide the community with a current collection of legal reference materials based upon the belief that access to knowledge and information is essential to the promotion of justice and respect for the law.

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The Jefferson County Public Law Library is pleased to work in conjunction with various educational institutions, law firms, court systems, etc. that are interested in learning more about what services JCPLL has to offer. Library staffers are more than happy to provide tours or presentations explaining how the library is set up, the purposes of the various materials and give examples of how the resources work. Agencies may contact the library at 574-5943 if interested in setting up an educational meeting. Keep in mind that the law prohibits our staff from giving legal advice or interpreting the law.

Internet Services

Free wi-fi is available in the law library. Internet stations are for legal research only. Internet Services include Westlaw and Lexis. Due to the cost of these services, patrons without library membership must pay a user fee of $5/30 min of database use. Library members may access these services free of charge. All copies are .20 per page.

Notary Services

JCPLL employs two certified notaries for the state of Kentucky. Notary services are provided for $5 per document.

Document Email Services

Patrons need to have a citation or case name for each document, as we are unable to perform legal research for our patrons. There is a $5 charge for one to three citations; two dollars for each additional citation. Charges can be applied to an existing copy account or can be paid over the phone with a credit card.


…is a non-profit organization supported solely by private donations and fees allocated under KRS 172.180 and KRS 453.060

…staff offers reference assistance to all patrons.  However, the staff cannot give legal advice or interpret the law

…collection contains state and federal published opinions; city and county ordinances; state and federal statutes; legal periodicals; treatises, form books and miscellaneous reference materials.  Please call if you have any questions regarding the collection